Building an Engaging, Interactive Course using Moodle 3+

By the end of this course, learners will be able to create an interesting, fun and fully interactive course using Moodle, and the course will guide learners through the process of setting up a Moodle website, adding and configuring a new course, adding content, adding multimedia elements and adding fun and engaging learning activities,
that will inspire your students!

This course is slightly different to other online courses – the course content and
lessons will be interspersed with the creation of a special exemplar course,
where the skills learnt in the course will be used to build a ready made
interactive Moodle course, which will be available for download too!  There will also be topical quizzes at the end of each section to ensure that learners understand the lessons and to reinforce learning.

This course is heavily discounted for my blog readers – reduced from £50 to £15 – Simply click on the link above!

Enhancing Moodle 3 Functionality using Moodle Plugins

This course is currently in development, but will focus on a range of plugins for Moodle.

I will show learners how to install plugins, how to configure and use plugins, as well as providing examples of each plugin and how it can be used to its full potential.

If you have any plugins that you would like me to feature in the new course, please get in touch!